Hot Buttered Rum

Tonight I thought I’d try a hot buttered rum recipe from a post on RumDood’s Blog.  The original recipe, as he mentions, was brought to him by Beachbum Berry (if you don’t know who he is, leave is site now… seriously) and came from a 1950′s recipe from Volcano House Hotel in Hawaii.  I didn’t have the exact ingredients, but I did have enough to make an interesting variation:

Note: I have a large volcano mug that fit a good 2 cups liquid. I figured the recipe was for a normal 8-10 oz mug, so I doubled his recipe.

3 oz Kraken Rum
1.5 oz lemon juice (1 lemon)
1.5 oz simple syrup (replace with brown sugar)
.5 oz Triple Sec
10 oz Earl Grey tea
dash of ground cloves

Follow the directions from his recipe. My variation is a very citrus intense kick. I might try a little less lemon juice or more simple syrup (since the original is just straight sugar and the syrup would be padded with water and less sweet), but it is still VERY good.

UPDATE: I made a second batch, this time replacing the simple syrup with brown sugar. It definitely cut the acidic lemon. I highly recommend using the brown sugar.

One thought on “Hot Buttered Rum

  1. These turned out Amazing!-I used Chef John’s chewy brnowie recipe.-Stale brnowies really are better. Think about it: the dryer they are, the more alcohol you can mix in before it becomes too wet.-Baileys Irish Cream was a great choice, in my option. The alcohol was there, and the flavor was divine (literally, I saw God).-Leaving the mix a little chunky gave a nice cookies-n-cream texture.-If you’re making a lot, want a smooth coating for every piece, don’t melt all the chocolate at once.

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